Context is King

Context is King

The web of intent is coming.

Want to confuse someone? Start talking about the importance of localized databases and the aggregate collection of data from a wide variety of users.


We are shifting into our new reality; a reality built from our own contextual input, from both a virtual and analog perspective.

The world is now a Wikipedia entry.

The red light is always on. Smile.

Social media has taken conversation and made it a part of the public dialogue. We’ve created a public forum for discussion that is accessible to all people at any time.

The behavioral shift over the past five years has been nothing short of revolutionary. We now feel comfortable sharing the most intimate of details about ourselves with the populace at large.

This openness by default has led to the development and improvement of data collection. We’ve started to reach a critical mass of information; a mass with which we can actually do something.

Does anyone ever check out of 4Square?

The hardest thing for a marketer to accomplish is to initiate an actual shift in behavior. Geolocation based apps have done just that.

Twitter and Facebook have done the heavy lifting (behaviorally) for newer more utilitarian applications like GoWalla and Foursquare.

After all, who would have thought that sharing one’s location would be a required event in any major city?

One of the biggest issues with the current collection of tools for geolocation is the context in which they are used. They’re static and aren’t updated in real-time.

You’re forced to update your status if you want to inform the world if you’ve moved on from the place you’ve just checked in. (I have it on good authority that 4Square is working to fix this issue.)

Why talk about the present when you can talk about (and predict) the future?

Predictive algorithms are nothing new. However, they have never been used locally or on a smaller scale. If you can predict a stock’s relative growth, could you indicate a restaurant that someone would like based on an input of data? Of course; you’d probably even be more successful.

Services like Plancast, Meet Gatsby and Riotvine are utilizing the location-based web to go beyond real-time data and actually put some thought into contextualizing it. They’re taking static data and making it dynamic and predictive on an operational level.

This is just the beginning.

We keep gaining new information about ourselves and our surroundings every day. True augmented reality isn’t looking so much like a pipe dream after all.

Who knows what the future will hold?

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