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The Creative Seed

Nothing can truly be “designed” for the mass market anymore and be considered a success. To go after the masses you now need to cater to the individual. The level of customization and expectation of product quality is such that it doesn’t behoove you to meet everyone’s expectations. If you try and please everybody? You…
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Open or Closed? The Future of Ad Engagement

Contextual advertising is nothing new. In fact, technically all advertising is contextual. Starting with the very first print ad to the latest social engagement platform. Each ad is targeted with information, programming or entertainment that the content’s audience would find relevant. How else would Harry Crane have a job? Advertising isn’t dead. In fact, if…
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Why Ridiculousness is Sticky

If you catch me sitting on the subway or out running, I am most likely glued to my iPhone listening to some music. I definitely cannot go on a run without having music blasting through my headphones. When I run, practically the only thing I listen to is mashups. Mashups, or the mixing of different…
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